4 Ways to Make a Difference as a Cancer Survivor in Portland

Now that you’re a cancer survivor, have you wondered what your responsibility might be? While some people prefer to put their cancer experience behind them, many others choose to use their valuable experience to help others. From volunteering and fundraising to advocacy and spreading awareness, there are many ways you can give back and make a difference in the fight against cancer close to home, right here in Portland, Oregon.

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Can I Donate My Organs After Cancer?

As a cancer survivor, it’s probably safe to assume that during your journey you’ve developed a true appreciation of life. You know firsthand what it feels like to receive a serious diagnosis, the uncertainties of living with cancer, and the feelings of joy, relief, and gratitude when you beat it. Thanks to your unique life experiences, you may feel compelled to sign up as an organ donor so you can give the gift of life to someone else.

There is a Huge Need for Organ Donors

According to Donate Life Northwest, while 95% of Americans support the idea of being an organ donor, only 56% are registered as organ donors. According to the United Network for Organ Sharing (UNOS):  

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