Cancer Clinical Trials Available in Portland & Vancouver

Compass Oncology is a leading referral source for cancer-specific clinical trials in the region. Clinical trials are research studies designed to develop new and better cancer treatment therapies. At any given time, Compass has more than 50 active clinical trials, including many that are not available elsewhere in the Portland-Vancouver area.

In this new era of targeted therapies, the role of clinical research is more important than ever in providing patients with access to the latest in cancer treatments. They are responsible for many of the great strides in what we know as standards of cancer treatment today.

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When Should You See a Complex Breast Specialist?

If you’ve been told you have an increased risk for developing breast cancer, regular follow-up with a breast cancer specialist is essential and the first step to risk reduction strategies and active monitoring. Compass Oncology’s Complex Breast Clinic was founded to provide focused care for patients with inherited gene mutations and other complex breast issues including: 

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Oncoplastic Breast Cancer Surgery

Today, women undergoing mastectomies for breast cancer have the advantage of significant advances in reconstructive breast surgery and leading-edge oncoplastic techniques that allow the skilled breast surgeon to preserve the envelope of the breast and sometimes the nipple for exceptional cosmetic outcomes. 

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4 Common Misconceptions about Breast Cancer Risk Factors

The biggest risk factor for breast cancer is simply being a woman. There are numerous misconceptions about who is likely to get breast cancer. Allow us dispel some of these breast cancer myths.

4 Myths About Your Risks for Developing Breast Cancer

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Are There Warning Signs of Breast Cancer?

We all know that early detection of breast cancer saves lives yet many women often take a “wait and see” attitude when they notice a change in their breasts. We’re busy. We think it will go away. Oh, it’s probably nothing. Why take that chance? The experts at Compass Oncology and survivors everywhere urge you to see your doctor immediately if you notice: 

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Let’s Talk About End-of-Life Care

If you ask most Americans if talking to their loved ones about end-of-life care is important, not surprisingly 90% will say yes. What is surprising is how few people actually have the conversation. Why? Because it’s a tough conversation to start.

So let’s talk. The fact is Advance Care Planning is for everyone, not just those with life limiting illness. Whether you are young or old, in good health or ill, advance care planning is just good healthcare. It answers the central question of who will speak for you if you are unable to speak for yourself. It helps define the values that are most important to you and what medical treatments you would want. Without a plan your family and healthcare team may not know your wishes.

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