Meet Your Team: Becky Clark, MS, CGC

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Meet Your Team: Becky Clark, MS, CGC“What I love about genetics is that it can be translated to help people. With what we now know about hereditary cancers, we can prevent, we can screen and we can be more empowered.”

Becky Clark is a genetic counselor with the Genetic Risk Evaluation and Testing program. She strives to be a guide and educator to her patients, to collect information about their personal and family histories and help them understand how that information may contribute to their cancer risk.

The ultimate goal is to reduce those risks. If a genetic mutation is found, Becky is quick to dispel common misconceptions and develop a personalized plan for prevention. 

She also provides counsel on how to communicate findings to family members. Becky is widely appreciated for her upfront communication style and her commitment to help patients make informed decisions.

When not at work, Becky enjoys gardening with her young daughter, playing piano and visiting family.

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