Social Workers: Helping Throughout Cancer Treatment & Beyond

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October 15, 2018

The ripple effect of cancer touches every aspect of a life, emotional, psychological, social and financial. At Compass Oncology we know we achieve the best care for our patients when we give them support in every way. Compass Oncology has a team of oncology social workers that are all about providing support for patients and their caregivers outside of their actual cancer treatment plan.

What makes our oncology social workers unique is that they are active members of your cancer care team who are always ready to assist. The support they provide takes many forms from the practical to the emotional to the spiritual. Their focus is on the issues that are so important to quality of life during and after cancer treatment. We encourage our patients to take advantage of this resource.

So what does an oncology social worker actually do? Here are some real-life situations they can help with:

  • Finding transportation to appointments.
  • Providing guidance on how to talk to your children about what’s happening.
  • Managing and overcoming depression or anxiety. 
  • Adapting to a lifestyle with less independence or struggles with not being the breadwinner.
  • Worries about being a burden on your family and other caregivers.

Talking it out is the first step in developing coping skills. Oncology social workers provide a safe place for patients and family members to share their emotions and fears.

As you move through cancer treatment and beyond, your needs will change but one thing won’t – the need for connection and support. We all need help whether healthy or ill. No one should ever have to go it alone and our oncology social workers are here to make sure you have what you need to reduce stress and maintain the emotional and mental well-being so important to treatment and life beyond cancer.

You can find more information on Compass Oncology's social workers here.

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Originally published June 2016. Updated October 2018.